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Bad Credit Car Loans

Car Loan Application can be a very easy process. The availability of funds can be ascertained in minutes with some online systems. Complications may stretch the process out for a day or two. Networks of financial lenders assure the likelihood of getting a reasonable deal. In fact, although many customers do not shop around for favorable terms and simply look to their Used Car Dealership for loan information, online loan rates are generally lower than those found at brick and mortar dealerships.

Even an individual with bad credit is not usually excluded from having their car loan application accepted. Although persons with good or excellent credit scores will undoubtedly obtain better terms and interest rates, those with credit problems can still locate companies which are willing to work with them to get the best possible deal for their current financial and credit situations. In fact, there are quite a number of people who are in that situation. Fewer than 7% of buyers would qualify for the special 0% or low interest offers which car commercials often feature. So a buyer should shop around and take the time to find the best possible deal for his or her current situation.

Remember, even if the only deal which is available has rather high interest, working to improve one's credit score can later result in becoming eligible for a better deal. While shopping, even though a person may dream of obtaining a certain type of car, it is best to be realistic about what can actually be afforded at the present time. Many people buy a more luxurious vehicle than they can really afford, just to impress others or bolster their own self-esteem, only to find out in a short time that they can not keep up with the payments. Needless to say, having a repossession on one's record does not reflect positively in a future car loan application or credit score!

This is not to say that all dealers will shun those who have had cars repossessed or who have experienced other credit difficulties. There are loan products available for these individuals, and some lenders specialize in helping a person who has a poor credit rating with his or her car loan application. However, the one who benefits the most from these deals is likely to be the lender. Payments can be stretched out over time so that any vehicle is 'affordable', yet long term, ongoing loans will result in the accumulation of interest which can change the car purchase into a situation in which an individual is eventually paying far more than the car is worth, or which could be recouped during resale. Instead, take the time to research both car choices and loan products in order to get the best deal for a particular situation.

Interest rates are determined by the lender and influenced by many factors. Some important variables are the buyer's credit score, the existence of any credit problems and the size of the down payment in relation to the price of the vehicle. Most experts suggest a down payment of at least 20%, or even 30% if there are credit score problems. Note that the down payment can have a significant impact upon the interest rate which is assigned. Having larger down payment (even if one is not required) can allow the buyer to acquire a better interest rate and thus save quite a bit of money on interest costs over the life of the loan. Therefore, it may be wise to delay submitting a car loan application until enough of a payment can be accumulated. Having a co-signer who has a good credit score can also help obtain a better interest rate.

Speaking of rates, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is an important item to consider before filling out a car loan application. The APR is the rate of interest which includes all of the expenses which will be required to get the Loan. The lenders are required by law to disclose the APR, and it is the most significant figure to consider when deciding between various car loans. Some people are tempted to decide between various loans by the size of the monthly payment which will be required. However, this can be misleading, because a lower payment may actually result in higher interest costs in the long run. Instead, compare loans which have the same length of time by comparing the APR, for this will include all costs associated with the loan. Getting the lowest APR rather than seeking the lowest monthly payment is the wisest course of action.

Many types of used cars are acceptable choices for a car loan application. Some companies allow the customer to find a vehicle anywhere, while others restrict loans to vehicles offered through their own database of dealers. Some lenders have specific vehicles which do not qualify for loans from their company, such as those used for business instead of personal use. The application process is free from most lenders, so continue to search elsewhere if a lender charges for this service. Lenders advise that an individual should apply for an amount which is slightly higher than that which he or she believes will be necessary. This can help cover any taxes, extended warranties, service contracts, and registration fees which may be required. Some lenders insist that the customer obtain gap insurance. Even if an accident or theft results in the loss of the vehicle, gap insurance will pay for not only the vehicle's cost, but also the interest which has accrued up to that point.